The Process


The first step in the process—understanding you as the client, your product, service, and business world through intensive research, strategic analysis and user understanding. We gain understanding of your current and potential customer profile, awareness of competition, and cultivate opportunities worth pursuing.

Having defined the sustainable, strategic framework to be used in the design phase of the process, we explore initial ideas, concepts and solutions that address our clients’ challenges.

Through fluid, collaborative and interactive communication, with the aid of sketches and plans that were conceived during the design phase are refined into an effective and efficient reality.

This is our execution and launch phase. This is where the full manifestation of the phases that have come before takes place. Here’s where we specifically document and deliver project details to the client for implementation, where we describe the design so that it can be fully realized, customizing the process of implementation to fit the client’s needs, corporate culture, and philosophy.

Helping to further leverage the developed design solutions to enhance customer experience and grow the appeal of your business or brand. In this phase, we can help create and enhance a loyal following and develop strong, sustainable relationships for your business, through our Branding, Positioning, and Social Media consultation services.

Intensive Research

Strategic Framework

Interactive Communication

Deliver Project Details

Develop Strong Relationships

Initial meeting is always complimentary.

Fees are based on either an hourly rate or a flat fee that reflects the overall budget and scope of the project.